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Fall Favorite Things Blog Tour: Gilt Hollow by Lorie Langdon | Review

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Hi everyone! I’m back with the final installment of the Fall Favorite Things Blog Tour. The final book on this tour is Gilt Hollow by Lorie Langdon. Gilt Hollow just hit shelves last week and it is a fantastic spooky fall read! Keep reading to see my review!

Fall Favorite Things Blog Tour: Gilt Hollow by Lorie Langdon | ReviewGilt Hollow by Lorie Langdon
Published by HarperCollins Christian Publishing on September 27th 2016

Willow Lamott’s best friend is a convicted killer, and no one in the small town of Gilt Hollow will let her forget it. Over four long years, she’s tried to fade into the background—but none of that matters when Ashton Keller comes striding into school, fresh out of juvie and fueled by revenge. The moment their eyes meet, Willow no longer feels invisible. Drawn to the vulnerability behind Ashton’s mask of rage, she sinks deeper into his sinister world and begins to question whether he’s a villain, a savior, or both.
Ashton thought he wanted vengeance, until Willow Lamott stepped back into his life. Now he longs to clear his name and become the person she sees in him. But the closer they get to uncovering the truth, the darker the secrets become, and Ashton wonders if his return to Gilt Hollow will destroy everyone he loves. 

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


I am so happy that I received Gilt Hollow as part of this blog tour! I honestly didn’t know very much about this book until it showed up on my doorstep, and even as I started reading, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting myself into. But I was very pleasantly surprised, and now I can say that I really enjoyed this suspenseful fall read!

Gilt Hollow had me hooked right from the beginning. Initially, I wasn’t a huge fan of Ashton, but I was so interested in learning his story and finding out what happened on the night he supposedly committed murder. I eventually grew to love all of the characters, as well as the town of Gilt Hollow itself. What a fun town Gilt Hollow was. I would absolutely love to live in this PSL-obsessed, save-the-whales, knit-a-scarf-for-a-tree kind of town (no, I’m not making this up).

Gilt Hollow had the perfect amount of suspense for me. I am a big chicken, so I can’t read anything too scary. But this was just the right amount of suspense to keep me on the edge of my seat and wondering who the killer was…without keeping me awake at night. I definitely had multiple theories going as I was reading and I really couldn’t figure out what would happen in the end.

The only thing that I didn’t love about this book was the romance. But honestly, I am a cynic who hates romance in my books. So if you don’t mind romance, you might not have a problem with it at all. The romance didn’t overshadow the action in the book, and I was rooting for Willow and Ashton to become friends again. I just enjoyed the suspenseful storyline so much more than the romance that I wanted to skip the flirting and find out who the killer was.

Honestly, Gilt Hollow was the PERFECT October read for me. It was exactly what I was looking for this fall. It was suspenseful and spooky without being too scary. And the book takes place around Halloween, too, so it’s perfect to read this month! This was a fantastic solo novel by Lorie Langdon and I hope you go check it out. If you pick it up, let me know your theories as you read!

4 Stars

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Meet the Author!


You may recognize Lorie’s name as the co-author of the bestselling Doon series, which is a reimaging of the musical Brigadoon. A few years ago, Lorie left her corporate career to become a full-time author and stay-at-home mom. She now spends her days dodging automatic water-gun fire and trying to translate her effusive imagination to paper. Gilt Hollow is her first solo novel.



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