Let’s See if I Remember How to Do This…

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tap tap tap

Is this thing on?

Yeah, it’s been practically a millennium since I’ve been spotted on here and I miss it/feel incredibly guilty about the backlog of reviews I need to write, so here I am! Back in the game! (At least for a little bit.) I threw a few hasty reviews up almost A YEAR AGO (I’m ashamed of myself), but since the last time I was really active, here’s what happened:

  • new job (in publishing! Woohoo! No, I will not be discussing it, sorry.)
  • new house
  • approximately 1.78 billion construction projects that keep popping up around the house (they really need to make an utterly exhausted and haggard emoji for moments like these)
  • doggo! (Follow On IG for pictures of the pup!)
  • promotion
  • fiancé
  • more construction (seriously, an emoji with huge bags under the eyes and a messy bun with Cheetos stuck in it, I’m tellin ya)

Life has been wonderful, and sometimes really, really hard. But that’s life, right? I think I’ve finally found a good balance between work reading and fun reading, and I’m working on balancing life and reading as well. I have a LOT of reviews to catch up on, so plan on seeing me a bit more often around these parts. I can guarantee it won’t be on a set schedule. That is more than I can handle right now. But at least I’m showing up, right??



When you stumble back into blogging like a baby giraffe learning to walk…..

…..blame it on the books.

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