Weekly News #14: 4/23-5/6

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Comings and Goings

Gah! I am writing this post at the very last second because I completely forgot to write it. I have this long list of posts I was supposed to write this week and I totally failed. I’m ashamed of myself. I like to think I have a decent excuse this time (although I don’t know what my excuses are for all the other times I haven’t posted….). I got myself a new kitten last weekend! Meet Karou!

She is an absolute sweetheart and I’m so happy to have her. It has been quite a process introducing her to Meeko, my resident cat, but I think it’s going pretty well. We have good days and bad ones, but the good are starting to get more frequent, so I’m happy. In other news, work has gotten rough again. We lost yet another employee this week, so now we have three people taking on the workload of at least seven. It has been a long week, but hopefully it will get better soon. At least I have my kitties to keep me company when I get home.

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No new books! Go me and my self control!

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