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My Barnes and Noble B-Fest Experience 2016

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[Hey, everyone! Giant apologies for my random and abrupt hiatus. I would have let you know it was coming, except that I didn’t know myself. A lot of stuff happened all at once in my life, and it really needed all of my attention. Huge thanks to everyone who sent good vibes my way over the past few weeks. You all helped me out tremendously. Ok, now that I’ve updated you somewhat on where I’ve been, let’s get into this post!]

This year Barnes and Noble hosted their first ever B-Fest Teen Author Festival. It was a three day event, but I was only able to attend on Saturday June 11. I really wish I could have been there for the trivia on Friday night. It seems like everyone who went had a really great time.

Going into the event on Saturday, I was really excited and arrived super early. All the information that Barnes and Noble had put online said that they would be giving out exclusive samplers of upcoming releases and lots of swag. It even said “one per customer” and “while supplies last.” Well, maybe it’s my fault, but I assumed that this would actually be an event where employees were handing out items to everyone who came to the store. What it actually was: a tiny table with some swag on it and the tiniest sign ever so no one could tell what it was. It was nice to get all the samplers and swag, but this part of the event was pretty disappointing. I was done by 11:05 and the next event didn’t start until 2pm.

Then at 2pm, there were two events scheduled for the same time – a spelling bee and a writer’s workshop. There weren’t very many people attending B-Fest at my store, so the employees were kind enough to move the spelling bee until after the workshop so that we could all attend both events. Off to the writer’s workshop we went, where Caragh M. O’Brien discussed how using sensory details in writing can really change a reader’s experience. I am not a writer AT ALL, but it was still an awesome event. I really learned a lot about books from the perspective of a writer, and I am definitely glad I went. I even attempted to write a small scene of my own, which I will now hide away forever so no one can ever read it. 🙂

After the workshop, a bunch of us headed over to the spelling bee, where we broke all the rules and just had fun spelling words from Harry Potter and Doctor Who. I won the spelling bee, even though they tried to tell me that Expecto Patronum is one word. (Who are you kidding B&N? Check the book!) The store was kind enough to find enough prizes for all of us, so we all went home with a fun bookish tote bag.

After the spelling bee, Caragh and I wandered around a bit and were able to catch up with each other. I have known Caragh since before I started blogging, so I had a ton of fun just spending time with her and hearing about everything she’s been up to lately. All in all, even despite the rocky start, I ended up having a blast and it was a great way to spend my day. I did have more personal reasons for going, since I wanted to see Caragh, but I’m happy that Barnes and Noble created this event and I look forward to more in the future. (Just be a bit more clear about what will actually be happening, ok, B&N?)


When Barnes and Noble has a book fest…..

…..blame it on the books.

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