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Before I even get into this post, I just want to say a gigantic thank you to all of you wonderful, fantastic, AMAZING people who welcomed me into this bookish community in 2015. You were the best part of my year. πŸ™‚

I’ve already written about what books and authors I want to get to in 2016, but now it’s time to talk about my reading and blogging habits. Honestly, I really don’t know if I’m going to be successful in my attempts, but I will certainly try to accomplish all of these things.

My Reading and Blogging Plans for 2016…

A no-pressure Goodreads challenge
I am not a goal-oriented person at all, so I always set my Goodreads challenge pretty low, and then I just adjust it throughout the year based on my reading (cheating, I know). In 2015, I set my challenge at 50, but then I got so caught up in the number of books I was reading, and I was determined to read 100 books. Β I will probably never read 100 books in a year again, and here’s why – I love epic fantasy, and I was neglecting some amazing long books because I wanted to read a lot of shorter books really fast. I don’t want to get caught up in that again. So I will be setting my goal at 50 again this year, and I make no promises, but I want to try to not worry about the numbers so much.

Read only 1-2 books at a time
I got into a very bad habit in 2015 of reading 5 or 6 books at a time. I think this was tied to my desire to read so many books so quickly. I really think this bad habit affected my enjoyment of some of the books I read, so I really want to put an end to it. I really only want to read 1 book at a time, but I can handle 2 if they are very different (for example, a giant epic fantasy and a fluffy contemporary).

Read what I want to read
As I’m sure most people do when they join the blogging world, I got a little review-copy-crazy. I signed up to review a lot of books and really wanted to try to get ARCs. And I actually ended up not liking most of the books I was lucky enough to review. I did find some amazing books and I made some great contacts through the books I reviewed, but I also found some books that I really didn’t enjoy. So I want to be a little more careful in 2016. I am not going to request as many books and I’m going to make sure it’s a book I’m really interested in reading before I agree to review it. This means I will probably end up reading more backlist titles and I won’t have a ton of new release reviews on my blog. But in the end, I will be enjoying my reading more and I think that will help me produce better content.

Find an organization system that works
Ugh, the eternal struggle. It’s funny because I really like to be organized, but I have not found a system that works for my blogging yet. I have planners and notebooks and calendars, oh my! And I still can’t find a system that really works. So sometime in 2016, I need to figure that out. I was going to try to start the year off organized, but I know I don’t have time to devote to it until mid-January, so that plan went out the window…I’m off to a good start! What do you guys use to stay organized? Do you have any suggestions for me? Please help! (I prefer organization on paper rather than via technology….seriously, please help me.)

Have pre-written posts
This was something I struggled with in 2015. I did have a period where I had a lot of pre-written posts, but then work got crazy and I ended up using pretty much all of them. This will probably be the one point on this list that I fail at the most in 2016, but I’m still going to try. Things like Bloggiesta and Blog Ahead really help. If you haven’t participated in these events before, I HIGHLY suggest you do. They really helped me with my productivity in 2015, and I met some amazing friends through them.

Are you making any changes to your reading and blogging habits in 2016? Do you have any tips to help me with my plans?


When 2016 is officially here…..

…..blame it on the books.

9 responses to “My Reading / Blogging Habits | My Bookish Plans for 2016

  1. I have the same problem with requesting too many review copies! I get so carried away, and then end up having a whole bunch of books that I don’t actually want to read… Hopefully, we will both get better at that this year!!

    • MC

      Luckily I didn’t let it get too out of hand before I realized what was happening. But I do have a few books that I promised to review and I really have no desire to read them. But I will be better about it in 2016. Good luck to you!

  2. I’m new to the blog, so if you answered this in detail elsewhere, please excuse me >. < Why is it a bad habit to read 5 or 6 books at once? I'm just curious why it negatively impacts your enjoyment. I love hearing perspectives different from my own!

    • MC

      It’s just a bad habit for me…it might work great for other people! My problem was that I kept jumping around from book to book and all I really wanted to do was get the books read as fast as possible. So I didn’t let myself sit down and get lost in just one book, which I personally like to do. πŸ™‚

  3. Good luck with your goals this year!
    I’ve learnt that it’s okay to walk away from a book if you’re not enjoying it- I go into the worst reading slumps if I push myself to read a book I’m not liking. Blogging isn’t a competition, so you do what’s best for you!

    • MC

      Luckily I didn’t go too crazy with it. But I do have a couple of books I requested that I haven’t read yet and it’s making me feel so guilty. I don’t want to do that again!

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