Top 5 Wednesday 12/2/15: Regarding Audiobooks

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The topic for this week’s Top 5 Wednesday post is our Top 5 Favorite Audiobooks. I didn’t want to miss a T5W post, but this is not a very good topic for me because I tend to hate all audiobooks. I have found very few that I actually enjoy listening to. So today, instead of a top 5 list, I thought I would discuss my feelings on audiobooks with all of you.

Here’s my main issue with audiobooks – I can’t focus on them no matter what I do! I try so hard to pay attention, but my mind wanders and then I miss huge chunks of the story and find myself totally confused. I have tried so many times and, without fail, I always miss parts of the story. For this reason, I have found that it’s best for me to use audiobooks when I want to reread a favorite book. Then I am at least familiar with the story already, so I won’t get lost if I zone out a bit while I am listening.

Another problem that I have with audiobooks is that I am so incredibly picky when it comes to narrators. No offense to all the hard-working audiobook narrators out there, but there are very few voices that I can stand listening to for an extended period of time. I have tried a bunch of audiobooks and stopped listening within the first chapter because I couldn’t stand the voices.

Basically I have really only found a few audiobooks that I really enjoy – and those are the Harry Potter audiobooks, narrated by the fantastic Jim Dale. I know, I know, I talk about Harry Potter in every one of my T5W posts. But it’s true – they are really the only audiobooks that I enjoy.

I love the idea of audiobooks. I wish I could multitask and read books while I was driving or cleaning my apartment. But I just can’t do it. Audiobooks just don’t work for me. So I will stick to my print books and continue to be jealous of all of you audiobook listeners. It is a fate I have come to accept. My real books will just have to do – I think I can live with that.

Do you have any advice that will help me overcome my problems with audiobooks? What are some of your favorite audiobooks? Maybe I will give them a try…


When you just can’t read audiobooks…..

…..blame it on the books.

6 responses to “Top 5 Wednesday 12/2/15: Regarding Audiobooks

  1. I first started listening to them when I was running because music was too distracting. I really enjoy the full cast audio, even though there aren’t many like that. Graceling is full cast, though, and it is amazing!

  2. I get distracted too, but it seems like you have it worse than I do. I can usually go back a minute and be on track again. I can only listen when I’m washing dishes or on a road trip, otherwise I can’t focus at all. I don’t like that it takes me forever to listen to an audiobook. I’ve only listened to two audiobooks, but the first one I heard I thought a couple voices didn’t match, although they did try to do different voices/tones for everyone so that was cool. I recommend you try Exorcising Aaron Nguyen by Lauren Harris. She narrated it herself and all her voices are so on point, plus her characters feel so real and relatable! (And it’s only like two hours long, so it’s better for your attention span.)

    • MC

      I’ll check it out! Thanks! I have some serious issues with focusing. Even when I’m driving I tend to zone out if I’m listening to an audiobook.

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