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Hi everyone! For today’s Guest of the Month Club post, I want to welcome Wren of Books in My Suitcase, who is here to talk about her favorite holiday traditions! Take it away Wren!


My family isn’t the sort that establishes traditions, so I have to establish traditions for myself and keep up with them. That’s a lot on my part.
I’ve had momentary traditions. I know they’re not traditions, not really. But still! Better than nothing.
1) Polar Express and hot cocoa in my pajamas
This was almost the entirety of my elementary school years. I would watch Polar Express and drink hot cocoa with my class. In my pajamas. And I would spill my hot cocoa on the pants of my pajamas. Always. It sucked…
Some years after that, I kept watching watching the movie. Out of respect for my childhood mostly.
I hope to watch this movie again this year (2015.)
2) Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer
I mention this because I used to watch this movie every year. It was an actual tradition I put in place. But this year…I have no TV. (We’ve been using some free-y airwaves and rabbit ears combo.) And we don’t have Netflix or Hulu. So I can’t watch this! Aw… I actually quite love this movie.
3) Christmas Day Movie
The first time my mom’s side of the family did this was on the year the Les Mes movie was released. We went to the movies on the day of Christmas and saw the movie. I remember that jump off the bridge. Ugh. The back breaking crack still resonates with me to this day… Kidding.
We only did this for a few years because we didn’t always meet up. Not the whole family at least.
And my paternal family live all around the world. It’s hard to meet. I have cousins in Singapore, aunts in Malaysia, and an uncle in Australia. They’re all over the place. We typically meet during the summer, though, when us cousins have days off of school.
4) Family
Typically, and I say typically, my mom’s side of the family meets up with my mom and I. We hang out. Wherever it is. Hong Kong or Texas or wherever.
We don’t always do this. Just typically.
It costs a lot to fly, though. We don’t always do it because of the high costs.


MC here! Want to know about my holiday traditions??? Go check out my post on Wren’s blog, Books in My Suitcase, and find out what I do every year! I had a ton of fun getting to know Wren over the past month. She is super creative and friendly, and I look forward to chatting with her and getting to know her even more in the future! Make sure you go say hi to Wren! One more big thanks to Wren for joining me here today, and thanks to the always wonderful Emily, for coming up with this great feature! Go check out Emily’s blog and sign up to join the club here!


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