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Posted September 20, 2015 by MC / 6 Comments

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Bloggiesta-Button-2-300x92What a whirlwind weekend I had! With my first Bloggiesta completed, I am feeling super accomplished and excited about all the progress I made. If you want to learn more about the Bloggiesta, be sure to check out the website for more information so you can join in next time!


Alright, let’s see how I did….here is my to-do list and what I accomplished:

  • Write two reviews
  • Write one discussion post
  • Figure out my blog schedule through the end of the year
  • Comment on blogs I haven’t visited before
  • Participate in one Twitter chat (crossing my fingers that I will be home for at least one of them)
  • Complete one of the mini challenges


All in all, I was pretty darn productive this weekend. I visited some new blogs I hadn’t seen before, participated in a couple of the Bloggiesta mini challenges, and made a bunch of new friends during the Twitter chats. I participated in SEVEN Twitter chats this weekend – two of the Bloggiesta chats and five others that I stumbled across. Not sure I want to do that many chats in a weekend again…it was a little exhausting.

I also managed to plan out my schedule for the rest of 2015, which has been looming over my head for a while now. I am going to be super busy these next few months, so having a plan was essential. Now I feel like I can breathe because I have everything all figured out (well, mostly…still waiting on a few people to get back to me about some dates, but that’s out of my control).

The only thing on my to-do list that I didn’t complete was that I wanted to get two reviews written this weekend. It just didn’t happen. BUT, I did do a heck of a lot of unexpected networking this weekend. I was super busy setting up plans with authors for reviews of their books, blog tours, and guest posts. So I won’t be too hard on myself about not completing my to-do list. I think this networking was something incredibly important for me and my blog, so I’m really proud of myself for doing it.

I have to say, since I started on this crazy blogging adventure, participating in the Bloggiesta was one of the most fun experiences I have had. Everyone I met and interacted with this weekend was so sweet and encouraging and supportive. I’m really glad I stumbled upon this event and made a last minute decision to join in. What a wonderful weekend it was!

A big thank you to everyone involved with Bloggiesta, and especially those who ran the event, hosted the Twitter chats, or created the mini challenges. Keep up the good work! I will definitely see you next time! But, for now, I’m finito.


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When you realize just how awesome the blogging community is…..

…..blame it on the books.

6 responses to “Bloggiesta Wrap Up

    • MC

      I lucked out because a couple of them happened while I was on a long car ride. I didn’t have much else to do so I just made some new Twitter friends while I let my real life friends drive me around all weekend πŸ™‚

      I don’t think I will ever do that many chats again though. It was exhausting

  1. I LOVE your blog design and blog name! πŸ˜€

    Great job with your goals! You actually figured out your blog schedule for the rest of the year? I’m impressed! I sometimes get a month ahead but usually it’s just a week or two.

    Bloggiesta is so fun, isn’t it? Interacting with other bloggers is definitely the best part of being a blogger, I think!

    • MC

      Thank you so much!!! πŸ™‚
      I had no choice but to make myself a schedule for the rest of the year…my next free weekend is the one right after Christmas. It’s going to be a busy autumn. But I still need to actually write most of the posts that I’ve planned out!
      I had so much fun doing Bloggiesta! Meeting other bloggers and being a part of this community has been one of my favorite things about starting my blog. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Yay, you did a wonderful job! and I am SO glad you enjoyed Bloggiesta, it really is one of the most fun and still productive events that I attend πŸ™‚ Love it. Happy that you got so much done!

    • MC

      Thanks! I can’t believe I got so much done – especially since I didn’t even know what Bloggiesta was until it was half over. But it was a ton of fun and I’m glad I joined in!

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